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January 7, 2019

All You Need to Know about Gum Recession in Pomona

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gum recession teeth

One day as you look into the mirror, you notice it. Your teeth appear bigger than they did before. Your gums have pulled away from your teeth. At first, it may only seem like a small thing, barely even a nuisance, but you shouldn’t ignore it. It could mean that something more serious is going on. Check out this helpful information about gum recession in Pomona and how to treat and prevent it.


December 3, 2018

How to Maintain Oral Health in New City During Holiday Parties

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People together at holiday party.

The holidays are officially here! Often known as the best time of year, the holidays bring joy, cheer, family, friends, and of course, a ton of yummy sweets and treats. These seasonal goodies taste amazing, but they can do damage to your oral health. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect your teeth during this season of sugar and parties. Keep reading to learn how to maintain oral health in New City while still enjoying the festivities.


November 3, 2018

What Causes My Gummy Smile in Rockland County?

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Woman smiling.

When you look at your smile in the mirror, what do you see? Do you think that your teeth look too short or your gums are showing too much? This gummy smile may cause a decrease in your confidence and self-esteem, and it may cause you to avoid smiling in the first place. Thankfully, your dentist can help! Keep reading to discover the causes of your gummy smile in Rockland County, and what your dentist can do to fix it.


October 8, 2018

How to Reduce Dental Implant Infections in Rockland County

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A bottom arch holding an uncovered implant.Dental implants are known for being the best solution for tooth loss because of their durability, longevity and reliability. If you’re eligible for implants, you’ll quickly learn about the many benefits they have to offer your biting force as well as your smile. However, some patients can experience an infection as a result of the implant, even if it is extremely rare.

During the early stages of receiving your implant, you’ll need to take the right precautions to avoid dental implant infections in Rockland County. Keep reading to learn how and what to do if complications arise.


September 21, 2018

Do You Have TMJ Pain? Learn How TMJ Therapy In Ponoma Can Help!

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Man holding both sides of his jawDid you know that your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most complicated joint in your body? It’s the only bilateral joint, so it has to simultaneously function on the left and right side. If both sides aren’t working in perfect harmony, it can result in temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which includes symptoms like headaches, stiffness, popping or even “lockjaw.” Anyone who has ever experienced these symptoms will tell you that they can really impact your quality of life. Fortunately, there are effective solutions, including non-surgical TMJ therapy in Ponoma as well as exercises at home. For many patients, combining multiple forms of therapy like this leads to the best pain relief. Learn more below!


August 12, 2018

How Do Dental Implants in Pomona Compare to 3-Unit Bridges?

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A woman using a laptop computer.Thanks to the many advances in dentistry, you don’t have to settle for a single option to replace teeth. Now you can replace single and multiple teeth simultaneously, shortening your overall treatment experience. With that being said, it’s worth it to examine the benefits and costs of two of the most common solutions to replacing teeth: dental implants and 3-unit dental bridges.

Dental implants in Pomona may be a better option for you vs. bridges and vice versa. It truly depends on your needs.


July 7, 2018

3 Things You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea in Rockland County

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tired woman in bedSleep apnea in Rockland County and across the United States is a very common disorder. Unfortunately, however, not many people are aware of the dangers associated with it. How much do you know about it? Educating yourself about what it is and how it’s treated can enable you to take the steps necessary to protect yourself from its horrible consequences. Here are some important facts that you should know about sleep apnea.


June 25, 2018

Your Family Dentist in Pomona Lists 3 Ways to Prevent Plaque Buildup

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woman brushing teethPlaque is a clear, sticky substance that builds up on your teeth as the bacteria in your mouth interact with the foods and drinks you consume. It exposes your smile to harmful acids, and if you’re not careful, plaque hardens into tartar and leads to cavities and perhaps even gum disease. While it is impossible to stop plaque from forming in your mouth, you can stop it from accumulating and damaging your gorgeous smile. Here are a few tips from your family dentist in Pomona to fight this icky substance and keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.


June 11, 2018

The Fascinating History of Sleep Apnea

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snoring problemsWhat did Queen Victoria, Teddy Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill all have in common? Yes, they were prominent leaders throughout history, but they were also all known to snore. We can’t say for a certainty that they had obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but it’s a very real possibility that these great individuals had this common disorder. Do you have sleep apnea in Pomona? If so, you might be interested in learning more about the background of this condition and how treatment has evolved over the centuries.


May 15, 2018

Do You Wish Your Dentures in Suffern Were More Secure?

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Implant-retained dentures.Dentures offer a quick and easy solution to tooth loss, especially when trying to replace multiple teeth at once. However, the pitfalls of dentures can really put a damper on your daily life. Dentures seem to constantly shift and the foods you loved don’t really taste the same. They even cause your dentures to be ripped right out! That’s why dentures in Suffern can be made to stay in your mouth more securely.

No more shifting and no more changing your diet to accommodate them. Learn how implant-retained dentures can help!


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