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October 24, 2017

Your Dentist in Suffern Will Maximize Your Dental Insurance

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Insurance form on tableDental insurance provides a valuable opportunity to visit your dentist in Suffern regularly for affordable rates. Now, about two-thirds of Americans have coverage, but only 64% scheduled an appointment last year. Delaying dental care is often due to a misunderstanding about how policies work and how they can be used to keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. As you pay your premiums for coverage each month, it is important to make the most of your insurance by utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Maximize Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is designed to prevent oral health complications from developing in the first place, which is why most policies cover preventive appointments in full or for a small copayment. However, if an issue does arise, your policy can cover as much as 80% of restorative procedures after you have paid your yearly deductible. In addition, you are given an annual allowance to help cover out-of-pocket expenses, like orthodontics.

However, the amount your insurance will cover can vary depending on several factors, such as if you use an in-network dentist and the amount of your yearly maximums.

Benefit from an In-Network Dentist

To maximize the value of your dental benefits, it is often best to choose an in-network dentist. This means that they have pre-negotiated rates with your insurance company. Your policy will have an Allowable Fee for services. As an in-network dentist, they will write-off the difference between their fees and the insurance company’s Allowable Fee.

However, you still have the freedom to use an out-of-network dentist when using your insurance. When choosing one who is not contacted with your insurance company, they will cover less of the services, but your out-of-pocket costs will still be minimal when compared to a patient who is uninsured.

To help maximize the value of your benefits, your dentist will file the necessary forms and papers to work on your behalf with the insurance company—no matter if you choose an in-network or out-of-network location.

Choose Affordable Dental Care

Your dental insurance provides you with the freedom to visit any dentist in your area for discounted rates. By using your benefits to their full potential each year, you will achieve your oral health goals while keeping your long-term out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

If you have not scheduled an appointment with your general and cosmetic dentist in Suffern this year, now is the time to maximize your coverage for a healthy smile.

About Cosmetic Dentistry Associates

Cosmetic Dentistry Associates is committed to providing personalized care with our patients’ comfort in mind. Our highly trained dental team uses the latest advancements to create tailored treatment plans to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. To help keep the cost of care affordable, we work with many dental insurance companies to file the necessary claims for reimbursement. No matter if you are in-network or out-of-network, we will help you maximize the value of your policy. If you have any questions about using your benefits, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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