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December 20, 2017

Can You Inherit Cavities? Your Dentist in Suffern Answers

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portrait of a happy familyYou have your ancestors to thank for a lot — everything from the way you laugh to what makes you do it (i.e. your sense of humor). Yes, a lot is written in our genes, and that includes oral health. Did you know that you really can be cavity prone? Or that if your father had gum disease, you are more likely to deal with it, too? Your dentist in Suffern knows that genetic history has a lot to do with the picture of your oral health. Keep reading to learn the details, and how you can take control with preventive care to enjoy cleaner, healthier teeth and gums for a lifetime to come.


If you feel like you typically have a cavity when you go to the dentist no matter how well you brush and floss, your genes may be to blame. Some people have more acidic saliva, which can weaken the tooth enamel and leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay. And if your mouth produces more plaque than most people, you will have to be extra thorough with your brushing and flossing habits to keep it from turning into tartar and the resulting cavities.

Gum Disease

Your gum health may also be written in your genes. Patients who produce more plaque, as mentioned above, often struggle to fully remove it from their teeth and around the gums throughout the day. When it is not thoroughly cleaned, plaque turns into tartar — and the mixture of bacteria stays on the teeth and results in infection around the gums. People who smoke or have dry mouth due to certain medications or older age are also at a higher risk of gum disease.

Oral Cancer

Of course, cancer often occurs due to genetics (and other external factors). If you have a family history of oral or any other type of cancer, it’s a good idea to have frequent oral cancer screenings performed. The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that one person in the US dies from the disease every hour in our country — but early detection can make a significant impact in successful treatment.

Prevention Is Key

If you have inherited a higher risk of cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer, preventive dental care is your best friend. Visiting the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning will help you to steer clear of these and other oral health hazards — and if you have dental insurance, these appointments are 100% covered.

When was your last visit to the dentist? We are now booking appointments for January 2018. Don’t wait to get yours and enter into the New Year with a clean, happy, healthy smile!

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