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June 10, 2015

Pomona, NY Teeth Whitening

ThinkstockPhotos-186932212Dull, gray, yellow, dingy teeth? Have you tried over the counter whitening products, but haven’t achieved the look you want? Professional teeth whitening at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates of Pomona, NY may be the way to go. Our office uses Zoom! Whitening for our in office treatment, and we offer professional grade whitening gel and customized whitening trays for patients who prefer to whiten at home. If you’re tired of discolored teeth, call our skilled Rockland County cosmetic dentistry team to schedule a whitening appointment today.

Why Teeth Discolor

Foods that are high in sugar, acidic, or darkly colored can stain the enamel of your teeth. Most of these surface level stains can be removed using abrasive toothpaste, but tooth enamel is extremely porous. The porous outer layer absorbs the deposits left by food and drink that discolor the teeth all the way to the dentine layer. When this happens, getting whiter teeth is no longer a matter of brushing off the stains. Even if you use over the counter whiteners to whiten the enamel, your teeth can appear more discolored as the lighter enamel reveals the yellowed dentine layer below. Avoiding certain foods can help keep your teeth looking great, but unless you give up eating and drinking all together, your teeth will darken with age.

How Whitening Helps

Over the counter whiteners often only brighten the surface layers of teeth. Professional grade whitening products and over the counter whiteners with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide are necessary to break the bonds formed by foreign matter to stay bonded to your dentine layer. Peroxide oxidizes these particles breaking their bond, freeing them from your tooth, and whitening your smile in the process. This is the same way peroxide lightens hair.

Professional Whitening with Cosmetic Dentistry Associates

At Cosmetic Dentistry Associates of Ponoma, NY, we are committed to offering our patients outstanding service to meet their cosmetic dentistry goals. To allow optimal flexibility, our patients can choose in office Zoom! Whitening, or a customized at home whitening treatment plan. Zoom! Whitening takes a little over an hour in our office. Before we get started, we will ensure that your lips and gums are not bleached during whitening. Then, we will apply the Zoom! whitening gel to your teeth. A special no-heat light is held over the teeth for an hour to activate the whitening. After the whitening process, you will receive a fluoride treatment. By the time you leave our office, your teeth are guaranteed to be six to ten shades lighter. For those who want to whiten their teeth more gradually, or prefer at home whitening, we can create custom whitening trays, and provide you with professional strength teeth whitening gel to apply over the course of several weeks.

Find Out More

If you are interested in a whiter, brighter smile, or any of our superior cosmetic surgery treatments, call Cosmetic Dentistry Associates to schedule your appointment. Our convenient Pomona, NY office, serves all of Rockland County and beyond including New City, Suffern City, Upper Saddle River, Nyack, Pearl River, Piermont, and cities in North Bergen County, NJ.

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