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TMJ Therapy in Pomona

Optimal occlusion occurs when top and bottom teeth fit together in their ideal arrangement. Each tooth incurs the proper amount of pressure, and the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) that enable jaw motion move smoothly. Conversely, a misaligned bite increases the stressors placed on teeth and TMJ joints, causing discomfort that ranges from chronic headaches to facial pain to broken or cracked teeth.

Our Dawson-trained dentists comprehensively evaluate jaw joint function and provide non-surgical TMJ therapy. A leading-edge tool called T-Scan III provides computerized occlusion analysis that determines optimal bite alignment. Once ideal positioning is determined, we can create a custom oral appliance to restore proper occlusion. Alternatively, the dentist may suggest building up the surface of back teeth with durable, all-white composite resin – a process called equilibration.

Our dental team will design personalized TMJ therapy to accommodate your unique needs. With optimal occlusion, you’ll experience an end to chronic pain and a return of comfortable function.

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