How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Have you just knocked out a permanent tooth? Are you experiencing sudden tooth pain? Contact our office for immediate care. If you have a sudden or severe dental problem, we can provide dental emergency services in our Pomona, NY, dental office.

Explore the most common dental emergencies, at-home tips for preserving your oral health, and how we treat these emergency dental problems at our practice. We’re here to help patients solve their dental problems.

dental emergency in Pomona, NY

Dental Emergencies in Pomona, NY

There are many common types of dental emergencies, from dental injuries to permanent tooth loss. Discover what you can do at home and what we do in our office to treat these emergencies:

Knocked Out Tooth

If you have just lost a permanent tooth, try to pick it up by its crown or top. Avoid touching the tooth roots and rinse the tooth in water. You can try to place the tooth back in its socket and gently bite down. Place the tooth in a cup of saliva or inside your cheek if you cannot reattach the tooth. Keeping the tooth moist will help us reattach your tooth.

We recommend implant treatment if we cannot reattach your permanent tooth. Dental implants are stainless steel restorations that we surgically place in the jaw bone to replace single teeth or hold bridges and dentures.


There are many common causes of toothaches and tooth pain, from tooth decay to dental injuries. Before you visit our office, you can take pain medication and apply a cold compress if you have swelling. We will examine your smile and determine the best mode of treatment for your symptoms. Our team may recommend fillings, root canal treatment, or cosmetic dental care.

Broken Dental Restoration

Have you just broken a dental filling, tooth crown, dental bridge, or denture? Call our office. Don’t try to place the restoration back in your mouth, as you can damage your teeth or gums. Do not bite or chew with the broken restoration in your mouth. You can bring the restoration with you for examination. Oftentimes, we will provide a replacement that is customized to your smile.

Objects Stuck Between Teeth

Use floss or a pick to remove objects stuck between your teeth. Do not try to use any other tools to free the object, as you can damage your smile. Call our office, and we will safely remove the object for you using professional dental tools.

Do you have a dental emergency in Pomona or the surrounding area? Call Cosmetic Dentistry Associates for care today at (845) 241-0656. If you do not have a dental emergency but have a dental problem, you can request a dental appointment on our website.