Rockland County NY Dentist Office Technology

Cosmetic Dentistry Associates has incorporated a full range of advanced dental technology into our Pomona, NY dentist office. Modern technology can benefit our patients in numerous ways. It allows us to offers a more in-depth and accurate analysis of a patient’s occlusal system. It also enables us to gain a more comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, joints, and muscles to evaluate their function.

Digital technology can vastly improve the patient experience and help make your dental visit more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of patient care. Our advanced technology helps us stay true to that commitment. Visit us for the dental care you need.

laser dentistry in pomona ny

Laser Dentistry

We use our hand-held, wire-free Styla MicroLaser to assist us in a range of general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. Laser dentistry has revolutionized many traditional treatments. It enables our team to perform your services more efficiently than ever before.


This computerized occlusal analysis allows us to create ideal bite alignment. This diagnostic tool is designed to give a 2D and 3D view of the bite forces in the mouth. This information can help our team develop a treatment plan that restores balance to your bite.

Dexus Digital X-Rays

The Dexus digital x-ray is used as an alternative to traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays drastically reduce the percentage of radiation a patient is exposed to. It also allows us to create a more accurate and detailed depiction of the intended x-ray site and improve treatment planning.

Polaris Intraoral Camera

Helps our team gain a comprehensive view of the teeth and gums. This handheld wand projects images onto a computer screen. While we are viewing your teeth and gums, patients can also watch on the computer screen. With this advanced technology, we can identify dental concerns such as tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer more clearly.

DIAGNOdent Laser

The DIAGNOdent laser can detect early-stage tooth decay. This non-invasive tool recognizes cavities that are difficult to view with the naked eye, including cavities between teeth.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging creates high resolutions images of the mouth and surrounding structures;  this gives us a comprehensive view of the mouth while aiding us in the treatment planning phase of your treatment. Digital imaging can assist us in treatments such as implant dentistry, wisdom teeth extraction, TMJ treatment, and airway assessment for sleep apnea.

CDA Esthetic MockUps & Smile Design Technology

With digital smile design, patients can become active partners in their smile design journey. Using a series of images and videos, we can create your projected smile on a computer screen. We can manipulate the appearance of your smile on our screen with your input. You even have the opportunity to “try on” your new smile with CDA Esthetic MockUps.

Carestream 3600 Intraoral Scanner

A state-of-the-art technology, the Carestream 3600 Intraoral Scanner allows our team to take digital impressions of your teeth. It eliminates the need for messy, time-consuming impressions, which ultimately improves the patient experience. This advanced scanner provides fast, easy and clear digital imaging, as well as aid in many restorative, orthodontic, and implant dentistry services.

All on Four and Prettau Implants: “Teeth in a Day”

The Prettau® Zirconia bridge is a fixed, screw-retained implants bridge. Zirconia prosthetic offer a more durable, longer lasting solution for patients missing a full arch of teeth. As one of the most durable materials in dentistry today, Zirconia ceramic does not chip or stain and offers a beautiful, natural shine that mimics the appearance of the natural teeth.

All-on-Four, also known as “Teeth In A Day,” is a revolutionary technique that allows dentists to place a full denture using as few as four implants. The implants are strategically placed into the jaw bone, and a full denture is immediately attached to restore function, beauty, and health. This technique can eliminate the need for a bone graft and allows for a wider range of patients to successfully undergo the implant procedure.