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Mouthguards An Overview

Protecting your teeth should be one of your top priorities. You only get one set of permanent teeth, so it is important that you take the necessary steps to keep them protected. Custom fit mouthguards are a great way to protect the teeth, mouth, and jaw during contact activity and sports.

Many patients opt for simple over the counter mouthguards, which can produce effective results. However, more times than not, over the counter mouthguards are not designed to fit your mouth properly. As a result of this, you may experience slippage, which can leave your teeth and jaw exposed. You can’t focus on the task at hand if you are fiddling with your mouthguard.

Cosmetic Dentistry Associates has the solution for you. We offer custom-fit mouthguards that are specially designed just for you. A custom fit mouthguard is created using your measurements so you never have to worry about slippage and you can focus on what matters the most: focusing on the sport at hand. We also provide general dentistry services to new and existing patients.

Why Choose A Custom Mouthguard?

Most patients believe the only way to get a mouthguard is to visit the store and pick one up. However, many dentists officer custom designed mouthguards that are specifically designed with your needs in mind. Whether you a young athlete or participate in contact sports on a professional level, it is important to acquire a mouthguard that fits comfortably and securely in your mouth.

To make a custom mouthguard, we will take molds of your mouth. This mold is used as an outline for your mouthguard to ensure it fits every groove of your mouth. Even just a few spaces can affect the way the mouthguard absorbs contact, which can make it less effective. A well fit mouthguard should fit snugly over the teeth so it can effectively absorb the shock from any physical contact. Some studies even suggest that custom mouthguards can help reduce your risk of concussions.

Benefits of A Custom Mouthguard

As noted, many dentists recommend patients get a custom mouthguard over traditional boil and bite mouthguards. Custom mouthguards offer several advantages and benefits over traditional methods.

  • They allow for appropriate oxygen flow
  • They are designed to fit your specific measurements which allows for a comfortable wear
  • Custom mouthguards can fit over braces
  • Help minimize your risk of injury to the mouth, jaw, and teeth
  • Can be designed to match your school or sports colors

Mouthguards What to Expect

Designing and fitting your mouthguard is typically done in two office visits. During the first visit, your dentist will take molds of your teeth and discuss your color options. Once your dentist takes molds and chooses the designated color, we will send it to a local dental lab for fabrication.

After your custom mouthguard is ready, we will invite your back to our office for your fitting. During your fitting, your dentist will check the size, fit, and quality of your mouthguard to ensure it meets your needs. Any necessary adjustments are made during the final visit. Once your custom mouthguard checks out, you are free to enjoy it immediately after your appointment.

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Mouthguards FAQs

How often should I replace my mouthguard?

Dentists recommend that your mouthguard should be replaced after every season or six months. Younger patients should stick to this timeframe because their mouths are still growing. Mouthguards become less effective when they lose their shape, firm grip, and become loose. Your mouth grows and changes over time, but your mouthguards can not change with this natural process.

Can I wear my mouthguard at night for teeth grinding issues?

No. Custom sports mouthguards do not protect your teeth overnight from tooth grinding, or Bruxism. They are created to be worn for a couple of hours and protect teeth from shocks and hits to the mouth. They do not protect teeth from constant grinding movement. You will need a special night guard for Bruxism, or seek other alternative teeth grinding options.

Do mouthguards protect against concussions?

There is no conclusive evidence that says mouthguards can protect a player from concussions. Mouthguards protect your mouth from impact and can only absorb shock to your teeth. Wearing a helmet and avoiding contact is your best option in concussion prevention.

Can I wear a mouthguard if I have braces?

Yes, it is recommended to wear a sports mouthguard if you have braces. Wearing a mouthguard can protect your braces and your natural teeth. We can create a custom-made mouthguard that can comfortably cover your braces.

How do I choose a sports mouthguard?

It’s best to recieve a custom-made sports mouthguard. You should not get a boil-and-bite or store-bought mouthguard. Find a dentist that creates mouthguards. You will want a mouthguard that fits over your teeth precisely, uses high-quality materials, and properly protects your smile. Professionally-made mouthguards can provide all of these benefits.

Why do mouthguards only cover the upper teeth?

Your sports mouthguard will only cover your upper teeth because these teeth can stick out more. Therefore, the upper teeth are more at risk of damage or loss.