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Most patients understand that achieving a beautiful smile is an investment. They don’t search for a dentist who offers traditional cosmetic dentistry; they search for a dentist who has advanced training and experience.

Dr. Peter Auster has over thirty years of experience designing and producing beautiful smiles. As the founder and past president of the Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Auster is committed to achieving dental excellence.

He along with Dr. Frances Tang was named “Top Dentist in the Hudson Valley” by their peers for the past ten years from Hudson Valley Magazine, and “The Face of Cosmetic Dentistry in the Hudson Valley” for the past two years. These accolades are given to only the best dentists.

ronni, pomona ny cosmetic dentist patient photo

I came to Dr. Auster because I had a lot of problems with my teeth. I had a gap in the front, discoloration, and some ridges and indentations. I didn’t like the way I looked when I smiled. It seemed that no matter how much I cleaned and brushed my teeth, they didn’t look nice. I came from another dentist that I thought was just tremendous but I was surprised at how modern the office was at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, especially the digital imaging that allows me to see every small detail of every tooth in my mouth. Dr. Auster has all the latest technology, a great personality and best of all, my procedures never hurt. There is no pain. I came to him for cosmetic dentistry but I was so impressed that I have all my dentistry done there now.
Ronni, Opera Singer

At Cosmetic Dentistry Associates we take a patient first approach to cosmetic dentistry. It is easy to design a treatment plan that helps enhance your smile. However, with our years of dentistry experience, we understand that a “one size fits all” approach to cosmetic dentistry does not yield high-quality results.

We work with each patient to come up with a treatment plan that will suit their unique needs. Our smile design process allows us to create a solution that incorporates your entire face and personality. We will design a smile specifically for you. Our Pomona, NY dentist office has state of the art dental technology and high end materials to help aid us in your smile design process.

Choosing An AACD Dentist

aacd dentist dr. peter auster, pomona nyAs the founder and past president of the New York affiliate of the AACD, Dr. Auster has a unique set of skills that make him the ideal partner in your cosmetic dentistry journey. Dr. Auster has dedicated years of continuing training to stay at the forefront of modern cosmetic dentistry. So much so, that he was named a “Leader in Continuing Education” by Dentistry Today, a respected dental publication in the U.S., every year since 2017.

As the past director of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Auster has in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to create beautiful, long lasting smiles. When you choose an AACD dentist, you know you are excellent hands.

A Technological Approach To Smile Design: Designing Your Dream Smile

Our team of dentists takes a one on one approach to your smile makeover treatment. We know no two smiles are alike and work diligently to design a treatment plan that is as unique as you are. Our digital approach to cosmetic dentistry allows us to create many versions of your smile on a computer screen. You are then able to view your smile before we perform any treatment.

Our special digital imaging software combines 3-D photographs and videos to generate your projected smile. With a few clicks of a button, we are able to manipulate the images on the screen to create different variations of your smile. Our CDA Esthetic MockUps and smile design technology allow you to “try on” your new smile before we solidify your treatment plan. This way, you become an active partner in your smile makeover journey.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design Technology:

  • Creates stronger communication between dentist and patient
  • Patients are more satisfied with their results
  • Builds a treatment plan that we designed just for you
  • Increased predictability and efficiency during the smile design phase
  • You are able to “try on” your new smile before we complete your case
  • You can give input during their treatment planning

Smile Makeover in Pomona, NY

Tom after a Smile Makeover in Pomona, NY

I was kind of self-conscious about my smile. I’m an entertainer, so I needed a much better smile than what I had. My old smile was kind of gray, and I had a space. I was just very self-conscious of it, so I always found myself laughing with my hand in front of my mouth, which is awkward. If you’re a comedian without a smile, you’re like a ballerina with a peg leg. You need to be able to smile. Laughter begets laughter, and if you’re having fun on stage, people sense that, and they feed into it. If you’re hunched over and hiding your smile, that’s going to be conveyed to the audience in a negative way. So this really was a business expense. So far it’s been the most wonderful investment I’ve made in a long time.

Denise, the office manager, took me around and showed me all of the photos of everybody who had work done, and the testimonials, and how people felt about their experience, and it was all positive. I heard nothing negative. I even went online looking for negative reviews, but I didn’t hear anything negative. I thought “Wow! This is a good thing, this is a good place!”

Comedy is a dream job – if you dream of poverty and rejection, so I didn’t have tons of money. I went and sat down with Peter and he was very nice and forthcoming. He recognized me from something I had done on television, and so we had a great time. We hit it off right away. I was hesitant at first. I’m a dental phobic, and I’ve always been a dental phobic, but he explained everything. He took the intimidation right out of it. He told me, “I will do my best to make this not painful,” which I was nervous about. He was a man of his word – it wasn’t that arduous. I said, “Let’s go for it!” and he remade my smile.

Your smile is your calling card. It’s the first thing people see, and it’s worth getting it done and done right. That’s why I am very, very happy with my experience. He’s an excellent dentist and knows what he’s doing. This is his life. He’s really a ninja… a black belt of dentistry.

To create a treatment plan for your smile, one of our dentists will perform a complete evaluation of your teeth. During your evaluation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals, your dental concerns, as well as explore your treatment options.

It’s one thing to create a beautiful smile, it’s another thing to create a smile that also is functional and long-lasting. Our goal is to create a natural looking, stable smile that will last a lifetime.

To create your dream smile, we may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

We work with you to design and implement the best dental care plan for your smile. If you would like to explore your treatment options, visit our Pomona cosmetic dentist office.

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Dr. Auster and Dr. Tang are the best cosmetic dentists in Pomona, NY. Their unique experience, skill, and commitment to dental excellence make them the ideal dentist to create your beautiful smile. If you would like to learn more about our services and explore your oral health options, schedule a consultation with our team. Give us a call at (845) 241-0656 or request an appointment online.