Why Do My Teeth Hurt When Eating Sweets?

Do your teeth hurt when you eat candy? Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot foods and beverages? There are many causes of tooth pain and sensitivity, particularly to sugar or temperature. As your local dentist in Rockland County, NY, we want to help you understand the causes and treatments for problems like tooth sensitivity and pain. Addressing sensitivity can help you eat sweets in moderation without pain.

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Causes of Sensitive Teeth From Your Dentist in Rockland County, NY

Sensitivity can make everyday life uncomfortable, especially when it comes to eating or drinking sweet, cold, or hot foods and beverages. The top causes of sensitive teeth can include:

Tooth Wear

Over time, the outer layer of the tooth, called the tooth enamel, can wear down. There are multiple reasons for tooth wear, from acidic foods and beverages to aggressive brushing or dental injuries. Worn tooth enamel exposes the dentin, a dark underlayer that can be much more sensitive than the enamel.

We can recommend dental veneers, tooth bonding, or dental crowns for patients with worn and damaged teeth. Veneers cover one or more teeth in the smile line with shell-like treatments. Bonding is a more economical option that uses malleable materials to cover damaged teeth. Dental crowns fully cover teeth like caps.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Harmful bacteria affect the tooth enamel and gum tissue. Over time, bacteria can collect on the teeth or gums, irritating gum tissue and wearing down the tooth enamel. Both gum disease and tooth decay lead to tooth sensitivity. If we determine that your tooth sensitivity comes from decay, we will recommend one or more treatments based on whether or not you have gum disease or tooth decay.

Periodontal therapy includes deep cleaning treatments to remove bacterial buildup from the gums and tooth roots. Cleanings and fluoride can also address early signs of dental infections. Sometimes a root canal can remove decayed dental pulp within a tooth. If patients have extensive tooth damage and decay, we may need to extract the affected tooth.

Tooth Whitening Sensitivity

Professional teeth whitening treatment can cause sensitivity in some patients. Sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide can lead to sensitivity when consuming foods and drinks. It will take time after teeth whitening to address sensitivity if you haven’t encountered sensitivity before.

We recommend that patients use desensitizing toothpaste if they have a reaction to whitening treatment. Our office may also recommend whitening with lower percentages of active ingredients.

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