How Teeth Grinding Affects Your Overall Health

Teeth grinding is a common issue that many patients face at some point in their lives. Teeth grinding in Rockland County, NY, could be caused by a variety of factors. And the treatment for teeth grinding is just as varied. While some cases of teeth grinding could clear up on their own, seeking professional treatment is always recommended.

If teeth grinding continues, it could have a negative effect on your bite and overall health. Your dentist will screen you for signs of teeth grinding at your routine exam appointment and may suggest a treatment plan to help.

TEETH GRINDING in ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY can lead to some serious health issues

Teeth Grinding and Your Health

Many studies have shown that dental concerns don’t just affect your mouth. For example, gum disease can be linked to certain cardiovascular problems. When you grind your teeth, you increase the risk of not just dental damage but other health issues as well.

Tooth Damage

One of the main concerns with teeth grinding is damage to your teeth themselves. When you clench and grind your teeth, you wear away at the protective enamel layer. As the enamel wears down, your teeth can begin to lose strength and durability. This makes it easier for your teeth to suffer fractures and other damage.

Jaw Damage

Clenching for an excessive period of time can also lead to problems in your jaw. Our jaw muscles need time to relax, just like the rest of our body. We use them pretty regularly throughout the day to talk and eat. If you’re grinding your teeth at night, then your jaw doesn’t have enough time to rest and recover. This can lead to increased issues such as TMJ and other jaw disorders.

Head and Ear Pain

When our jaw muscles are overworked, the rest of our head can be affected as well. Teeth clenching often leads to sensitivity and pain in your head and ears. Frequent tension headaches and ear popping are common side effects of teeth grinding. Over time, these continued pains could develop into larger problems.

Gum Disease

Teeth grinding puts an excessive amount of pressure on our jaws, which can make opening our mouths wide painful and uncomfortable. But if you can’t open your mouth all the way, it’s more difficult to practice good oral hygiene. If you are unable to brush and floss properly because of a stiff or sore jaw, you could begin to develop gum disease.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding in Rockland County, NY

At Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy and strong bite. During your routine dental appointment, we’ll look for signs of teeth grinding and may recommend treatment, such as a night guard, to help reduce the risk of health concerns. If you notice trouble with your jaw or oral health, give us a call right away at (845) 241-0656 to schedule an initial consultation. After examining your bite, we’ll put together a treatment plan that could help reduce teeth grinding and its symptoms.