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February 12, 2018

Consider a Denture Alternative from Your Dentist in Rockland County

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An older man thinking.Dentures can be a great cheap solution to missing teeth, but unfortunately, they don’t last for as long you’d hope. Even with proper maintenance, the average life span of a denture is about 5 years. During this lifespan they usually need to be relined as well to fit in your slowly changing gum tissue. According to your dentist in Rockland County, you don’t have to settle for the unreliable fitting of dentures any longer.

Instead, you can get implant-supported dentures or dental bridges! Not only will you have a sturdier alternative to traditional dentures, but you’ll receive the stimulation that your previous teeth provided. Keep reading to learn a few options your dentist offers.

Implant-Supported Dentures

One of the most common treatments for patients who previously wore dentures in Rockland County is implant-supported dentures. Typically, a dental implant is used to replace a single tooth. This would mean a single implant would be placed into the jaw and a crown would go on top. However, if you have a partial or even a full denture, multiple implants can be seated to accommodate it.

If you’re tired of your dentures constantly moving around while trying to eat or speak, you’ll quickly find out that wearing your implant-supported denture is like comparing night and day. The denture no longer relies on suction to your gums to stay in place. Instead, they snap into place, creating a sturdier foundation for performing the regular tasks you always do.

Bridges Supported by Dental Implants

Another method for replacing large amounts of teeth at once is through dental bridges supported by dental implants. Traditionally, dental bridges consist of either three or four teeth and require shaving down a neighboring tooth, so the set of crowns can fit on top of them. However, since you’re likely missing teeth to begin with, that won’t be necessary when you get dental implants in Rockland County.

Instead of shaving down any teeth, the dental implant just acts as the new tooth. This way, if you have a dental implant on either side, you can bridge one or two teeth together. While this method may require more dental implants to accomplish, you’ll still reap the long-term benefits dental implants have to offer. That means your mouth will receive the blood flow it needs to maintain its shape and you’ll have an incredibly natural and functional smile once again.

What Does the Process Entail?

After your dentist in Rockland County determines you’re eligible for dental implants, they’ll schedule an appointment for you with their periodontist. During surgery, they’ll place multiple posts to accommodate your new dentures or bridges. They use advanced scanning technology to determine the ideal location of your implants and increase the chance of successful implantation.

Once the posts have integrated with your bone, the dentist will place the restorations on top and you’ll be walking out of the office with a newer and more functional smile than ever before. To find out your eligibility, schedule an appointment with them today!

About the Author

Dr. Peter Auster is truly a veteran in the world of cosmetic dentistry. With 30 years of experience, he’s tackled many difficult cosmetic cases. He’s written a series of articles in the publication Dentistry Today titled “Conquering a Difficult Case” which detail his experiences performing unique and complicated cosmetic treatments. To learn more about his experience with dental implants and practice, contact him at (845) 364-0400 or visit his website.

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