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August 22, 2017

Dentist in New City Explains Why Your Gums Are Receding

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older woman smilingWhen you think about good vs. bad oral health, you may just imagine your teeth. But your dentist in New City wants to remind you that the health of your gums is just as important as the pearly whites that rest in them.

Gum recession, or when the gum tissue pulls away from where it should be against the teeth, is a significant issue for many adults. It’s usually caused by aggressive toothbrushing and/or periodontal (gum) disease. Recessed gums will usually expose your teeth’s roots and leave you at a higher risk of tooth sensitivity and a special type of decay known as root decay.

Why does it happen? And what can you do about gum recession? We’ve got the answers in this week’s blog post.

Gum Recession: An Overview

It’s easy to spot recessed gums. You can usually see where the healthy tissue used to be against the tooth enamel — the newly exposed tooth underneath may be a different shade than the rest of the crown. Your teeth may look longer, sort of like fangs, if the gums have severely recessed.

Gum recession may also cause the teeth to feel more sensitive to heat and cold. Even sudden air pressure may cause you to flinch or say “ouch” if your gums have pulled away from where they should be. This discomfort occurs because the sensitive root and its nerves should be covered up by healthy gum tissue.

Effects of Recessed Gums

Gum recession is a serious issue. Left untreated, it can cause:

  • Root tooth decay
  • Severe tooth sensitivity
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Difficulty or discomfort eating and drinking

Preventing Gum Recession

With a little care and attention, it’s very possible to stop or completely prevent gum recession in New City. Careful brushing is key, as most recession is either caused or worsened by aggressive toothbrushing. Concentrate on cleaning in gentle circular motions rather than hard back and forth strokes, which damage the sensitive tissue. Check out this brief video on proper brushing technique as a reminder of how to get a proper clean.

Seeing your dentist every six months is another vital component of good periodontal health. During a routine checkup and cleaning, your dental team will remove the plaque and tartar that cause gum disease, another common cause of recession. Non-surgical periodontal therapy will heal infection and reduce the risk of receding gums. You and your dentist can also discuss methods of replacing lost tissue through gum grafting if you’d like to repair the damage.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Visiting your dentist regularly will help you enjoy better periodontal health for a lifetime to come. When was the last time you sat down for a checkup and cleaning? If it’s been longer than six months, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in New City today.

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