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September 18, 2016

Parts of Dental Implants in Pomona, NY

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Understand the parts of dental implants in Pomona, NY.Due to various advancements in the materials used, dental implants have quickly become the preferred solution to treat tooth loss. Over the years, several advancements have been made in regards to how the procedure is performed, allowing the tooth replacement option to now hold over a 95 percent success rate. The success rate largely relies on the thee critical components needed to perform the multi-phased procedure. As a dentist for dental implants in Pomona, NY, Dr. Peter Auster explains the parts and steps to receive dental implants.

Components to Dental Implants

To benefit from dental implants, you will first undergo a consultation to ensure your gums are healthy, you have adequate bone density, and minimal risk factors for implant failure. After a comprehensive treatment plan is created, you will begin the first phase of treatment.

During the first phase, a surgical procedure is needed to insert an implant post. An oral surgeon will make an incision into the gum to drill the implant post into the jawbone. The post is made from titanium, which is biocompatible, durable, and produces reliable results. In addition, the post will help to prevent additional bone loss, which could lead to more missing teeth in the future. Once the implant post is inserted, sutures are used to close the gum tissue.

After the implant post is in place, a process known as osseointegration begins, which is the healing process that allows the jawbone to fuse to the post. This process can take several weeks. Once it is determined adequate healing as occurred to allow the post to replace the tooth root, you will again undergo a minor surgery to place the abutment. The gum tissue is again reopened to allow the titanium abutment to be attached to the implant post. Then, the gum tissue is sutured closed around the abutment to allow the tissue to heal correctly.

A couple of weeks after the abutment has been placed, the final phase of the procedure is performed. A custom-made dental crown that is made from porcelain will be attached to the abutment to fill the space of the missing tooth. Porcelain is used because it is durable, while also closely mimicking the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

Once all three procedures are complete, you will have a permanent solution to treat tooth loss. Using these three materials, all degrees of tooth loss can be treated using slight variations to the procedure and the placement of the posts. For example, those who need to replace all of their teeth will benefit from implant supported dentures, which involves the use of only 4 posts to replace a full arch of teeth.

Your Dentist for Dental Implants

Dr. Auster is a dentist in Pomona, NY for dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Auster will provide the necessary consultation needed to determine if dental implants are right for you. With a comprehensive treatment plan, you will regain a complete smile in just three simple steps.

If you are interested in benefiting from dental implants, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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