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June 13, 2017

Traditional Vs. Modern Periodontal Therapy in Pomona

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We use a Styla MicroLaser for periodontal therapy in Pomona. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 47.2% of American adults have periodontal disease (advanced gum disease). You may be wondering if it’s realistic that almost half of the population doesn’t take proper care of their teeth. But recently, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine discovered that there are 41 master regulator genes that can cause you to be at higher risk for periodontal disease. Whatever the reason, if your gum health is declining, you need to seek periodontal therapy in Pomona. Cosmetic Dentistry Associates has the modern technology to provide pleasant, effective periodontal therapy that your smile needs. If you’ve never experienced therapeutic services for your gums, you may have a few questions.

How does periodontal therapy work at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates?

In the later stages of gum disease, your gums will recede and form pockets above and along the gum line. Dangerous bacteria and plaque will collect in those pockets. This starts to make tooth loss a very realistic possibility.

To combat the progress of this debilitating disease, we utilize a non-invasive, state-of-the-art Styla MicroLaser. The laser is focused on the periodontal pocket to eliminate the harmful debris. This helps to reduce bacteria and removes a small amount of diseased gum tissue. Your soft and hard tissues can begin to heal once the affected area has been cleaned thoroughly. This promotes new, healthy growth of repaired gums.

Does it hurt?

Laser treatment can be virtually pain-free. Many times, patients undergo the whole procedure without the use of a local anesthetic. In the case that a patient is anxious about their dental treatment, we use medication to ensure your comfort. There may be a brief period of slight soreness but that’s very temporary.

Am I a suitable candidate for laser gum therapy?

Patients with mild gum disease (gingivitis) can reverse the health of their infected gums with more frequent regular dental cleanings. If you have symptoms of advanced gum disease, then your Pomona dentist highly recommends laser gum therapy. Gum disease can be classified as Class I, II, III, or IV. The higher the number, the more severe and deep the pockets are of your gum disease. Any patient over Class II is a perfect candidate for laser gum therapy.

Why is laser gum therapy better than traditional scaling and root planing?

Besides a much more comfortable procedure and faster healing time, you can benefit from laser gum therapy in these ways:

  • No scalpels
  • No stitches
  • Less dental appointments
  • Recovery time is typically one day, rather than two to four weeks with oral surgery
  • Your dental treatment doesn’t interfere with your life

Contact Us to Reverse the Effects of Gum Disease

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease in Pomona, despite the class, you could be risking your overall health by neglecting to treat your smile. There are studies that have proven there are serious health conditions associated with periodontal disease. You have higher chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, and are more susceptible to strokes.

Contact our office today to be proactive in your dental health. Our dental team would be more than happy to get your oral health back on track.


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