Dentist in Yonkers, NY

While our dentist office is located in Pomona, NY, we’re proud to offer quality dental care to patients in all of the surrounding communities. If you’re looking for a good dentist in Yonkers, NY, and more areas we serve, we’re here to help. Cosmetic Dental Associates is home to a variety of top dentists who are dedicated to your care.

dentist in yonkers, new york

General Dental Services

The basis of our practice and your oral health is preventative dental care. We want to make sure you have the best oral health possible. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits achieve this goal. Cosmetic Dental Associates practices family dentistry, meaning we provide dental care to patients of all ages.

When you come to get a dental cleaning, the specialized tools used can get into places that your traditional brush and floss can’t. Without regular cleanings, plaque and tartar can build up in those areas, even if you’re brushing and flossing regularly. Tooth decay and gum disease develop when this buildup isn’t taken care of.

We provide thorough oral exams at each checkup as well. With various diagnostic tools and our trained eyes, we can catch problems in their earlier stages. Oral cancer and gum disease both have very mild tells in the early stages when it’s easier to treat. Often, patients themselves don’t notice symptoms until later stages. Waiting longer for treatment means the options are more expensive and intensive processes.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

You should have a smile that you’re proud of showing off. Cosmetic dentistry can make sure you keep confidence in your smile. Not only do aesthetic dental problems impact the look of your smile, but many are signs of underlying dental issues that can impact the health of your mouth and smile.

Crooked teeth in particular can cause further dental issues. They’re harder to clean, meaning more plaque and tartar buildup occurs. They also change the way your bite comes together. An uneven bite can impact the jaw joint, leading to TMJ disorders.

They also change how the pressure of your bite is spread out across your smile. Certain teeth may take on more pressure than others, causing more wear and tear and breaking teeth.

Invisalign is a subtle way to get a straighter smile. Many patients prefer it to traditional braces because it has shorter treatment times and is less noticeable to others. Porcelain veneers and tooth bonding can also help even out your smile and treat other cosmetic problems.

Restoring Your Smile

As we age, our smile ages with us. And something can always happen to cause dental trauma. That’s why restorative dentistry exists. Restorative dentistry is designed to replace teeth and bring your smile back to full health. Things like dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants can give you a full, healthy smile.

Dental implants in particular are the best option to replace missing teeth. They’re the only restoration option that replaces the tooth root in addition to the crown. Implants give you back 100% of your bite function and both look and feel the most natural. We’ll recommend dental implants whenever possible to replace your teeth.

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