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At Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, we believe that everyone has the right to quality dental care. We’re currently accepting patients looking for a new dentist in Yorktown Heights, NY, and the surrounding areas we serve. Our office is conveniently located in Pomona, easily accessible off multiple major highways and thoroughfares.

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Top-Rated Dental Care

We recognize that online ratings and reviews are crucial for potential new patients to recognize the quality of our care. We encourage every patient that leaves our office to write a review about their experience in our office. If you look at our practice on Google, you’ll notice that we have over 100 ratings and a five-star reputation.

Video testimonials add extra depth to a patient’s story. Instead of just looking at a star rating or reading about the experience, some patients opted to tell their stories on camera. You can look right at their smiles and see the work you’ve done for yourself, as well as hear their direct experience.

Advanced Dental Technology

Our office uses the latest dental technology to improve your care, making it better, faster, and more comfortable. We have various tools that take images and impressions digitally. Digital x-rays expose patients to less radiation and provide a clearer picture inside your mouth. We also use an intraoral camera to examine the mouth and more clearly see the details of your mouth up on a screen.

One of the services we offer is a complete dental makeover. We take digital images of every part of your mouth to ensure we provide you with the correct treatments. Our smile design software allows us to show you a preview of what your smile will look like when treatment is over. You can even try on your smile and see what it’ll look like on your face.

Lasers have revolutionized dental care. Our DIAGNOdent laser detects tooth decay in the very early stages. It’s also useful to see tooth decay invisible to the naked eye. Laser dentistry allows us to treat gum disease more efficiently. Laser treatment sterilizes the gum tissue as treatment progresses. It’s also less painful, minimally invasive, and allows you to heal more quickly.

Why Preventative Dental Care is Important

Preventative care is essential to optimal oral health. Visiting the dentist regularly is a big part. Even if you brush and floss religiously at home, there are still areas that are hard to reach. Specialized dental tools allow us to get into these smaller areas and remove plaque and tartar. Without this, they build up in these areas, making you more likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease.

Dentists also can recognize dental issues earlier than you’d be able to on your own. Conditions like gum disease and oral cancer have early symptoms that aren’t painful and are difficult to realize. Dentists are trained to look for these signs and spot them before the condition worsens. Early diagnosis means that treatment is easier and less invasive.

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