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Pomona Patient Testimonials


I was kind of self-conscious about my smile. I’m an entertainer, so I needed a much better smile than what I had. My old smile was kind of gray, and I had a space. I was just very self-conscious of it, so I always found myself laughing with my hand in front of my mouth, which is awkward. If you’re a comedian without a smile, you’re like a ballerina with a peg leg. You need to be able to smile. Laughter begets laughter, and if you’re having fun on stage, people sense that, and they feed into it. If you’re hunched over and hiding your smile, that’s going to be conveyed to the audience in a negative way. So this really was a business expense. So far it’s been the most wonderful investment I’ve made in a long time.

Denise, the office manager, took me around and showed me all of the photos of everybody who had work done, and the testimonials, and how people felt about their experience, and it was all positive. I heard nothing negative. I even went online looking for negative reviews, but I didn’t hear anything negative. I thought “Wow! This is a good thing, this is a good place!”

Comedy is a dream job – if you dream of poverty and rejection, so I didn’t have tons of money. I went and sat down with Peter and he was very nice and forthcoming. He recognized me from something I had done on television, and so we had a great time. We hit it off right away. I was hesitant at first. I’m a dental phobic, and I’ve always been a dental phobic, but he explained everything. He took the intimidation right out of it. He told me, “I will do my best to make this not painful,” which I was nervous about. He was a man of his word – it wasn’t that arduous. I said, “Let’s go for it!” and he remade my smile.

Your smile is your calling card. It’s the first thing people see, and it’s worth getting it done and done right. That’s why I am very, very happy with my experience. He’s an excellent dentist and knows what he’s doing. This is his life. He’s really a ninja… a black belt of dentistry.


I’m a private, temp dental hygienist and a patient of Dr. Auster. I work part time Monday through Friday at two different offices, and then I temp on Saturday mornings for Dr. Auster. It’s always a treat! Because I see both ends of it, I’m equally impressed – as a patient and as an employee. Dr. Auster is a pleasure to work with, his standard of care cannot be beat. His attention to detail and his thoroughness and his kindness makes him the ultimate dentist in my opinion. Even his employees who have been there for decades all want to be there. That’s a huge difference from every other dental office that I’ve worked for. I’ve learned so much from Dr. Auster’s full-time hygienists.

I had very small teeth when I was younger. After I had braces, I was told to have bonding to fill in the small spaces. I never did that, so everything moved back out of place. I was so unhappy. Because this is my line of work, I needed to smile, but I was too self-conscious. Dr. Auster recommended the laminate veneer on six teeth and bonding on the rest, to match and make everything look more uniform. He was very thoughtful, and it was a great experience. It has completely changed my life. Now I’m excited about my wedding pictures. I actually want to take pictures!

I recommend Dr. Auster all the time – even to patients who need cosmetic work done. In fact, at one office, a doctor was actually so impressed by my dental work, he wanted to know the dental lab that Dr. Auster used. It’s the realness factor that you’re looking for. You don’t want these chiclets on your teeth, and that’s what so many people, even celebrities, are dealing with. Dr. Auster makes it so real! No one even realized that I had anything done – not even my friends and family. They just say “You look so happy.” Now my smile just lights up my whole face.


Many years ago I was looking for a dentist. I was in desperate need of dental care, but I’m not a very good dental patient. I really wanted a woman dentist. That was important to me. I saw Dr. Tang’s name, they were opening up an office, and I just made an appointment. To tell the truth, I might have even asked my husband to make the appointment for me. I was terrified of dentists. It was desperation time; my teeth were chipping away in the back, and I was beginning to have some pain. Dr. Tang exudes confidence, and that made me feel very relaxed. We just clicked.

Everyone here wants to make absolutely sure you are comfortable before they ever start working on your teeth. That’s important. I mean, I’m not here because I’ve had just a few cavities filled, I had a lot of work done – some implants, upper and lower, a fixed full arch – and it was not a walk in the park. Having that much work done never is. But I knew that everything was going to turn out well because she is just amazing. I always said that if she were a heart surgeon, I’d let her do open-heart surgery on me.


I was always a happy person and smiling person. But about three years ago, I had an illness which made it a necessity to see a dentist. My son was also getting married, and I wanted to have the work done before his wedding. My husband actually looked dentists up in the Yellow Pages! Cosmetic Dentistry Associates was the first office we found, and we said that if it didn’t work, we’d continue looking. I walked into the office, and the girls at the front desk were amazing. They made me feel comfortable and served me coffee. It was great. Then I went in to see Dr. Tang with my husband, and she checked out my mouth, and I explained what had been wrong with me. She said, ‘Okay, this is going to be behind you, we’re going to make things better, and this is what I think you need to do that would be best for you for the rest of your life.’

You know how you get that feeling that this is the right thing for you and the right person? Dr. Tang was it. I would actually say, “Wow she’s going to do this to me today, and I’m going to walk out better now than I did the last time!” I actually feel that going to her is something to look forward to. I can’t believe I’m saying that because going to the dentist, I don’t have to tell you, is not usually a pleasant thing, but she makes it great. There was a lot of work to do, but she was so light and gentle. In fact, at one point, one of the girls came in and presented me with a dozen roses and said, “This is because you never once complained. You deserve this, and we want to thank you for making it easier for us as well.”

The results were fantastic. It just changed my life because I felt better about myself. I am just very open, smiling all the time. I just feel good about myself, and my health is wonderful.


I’ve been going to Dr. Auster for – I don’t even know how long – a little after middle school. I grew up near Rockland, and Dr. Auster was our family dentist. Now I live in Hoboken, and my sister is in Manhattan, and we both come back for our routine hygiene. There’s literally a dentist on every single corner in Manhattan, and I drive an hour and 45 minutes home from work in traffic every time I need to see him. I think that just speaks a ton about how I feel about his work. I even lived in Philly for a few years, and I had to find a dentist. I just kept bouncing around from dentist to dentist. I couldn’t find anyone remotely as amazing as Dr. Auster. There was no one I trusted. The second I came home, I went straight to him. Now I drive home anytime I need anything – routine visits and anything else that’s going on.

Dr. Auster and I have been discussing having my teeth fixed for quite some time. My teeth were awful. I had two peg teeth when I was a child. They had been fixed by another dentist before Dr. Auster, and one of the crowns was looking a little gray. The rest of my teeth were really small and crooked even though I had braces. It just was not a good situation. So when I got engaged and planned to get married six months later, I was like, “Oh my gosh! I have to get my teeth done – I’m going to be in all these pictures, and I want to smile!” So I went to Dr. Auster and said, “I know we’ve been talking about this for years, but I need to get my teeth done now. I'm getting married in a few months!” He was shocked by how little time we had because it is not typically something that can be completed quickly, but he assured me that we could get it done. But no matter how much of a hurry we were in, we never sacrificed quality. He planned to make my smile look beautiful for my wedding day, but we could finish the process after if we had to. Dr. Auster’s philosophy is not only about giving you what you want, but it's also about making sure that the quality of what he does is up to par with his exacting standards.

He knew what I wanted because we had already been talking about it for a really long time. I just never got around to it. Since I come from Manhattan after work, it takes a lot of planning, but he just made it work. I trusted him to do what he needed to do to make that happen. There was no pain at all – that was the only thing that I was nervous about up front. But the chairs are comfortable, they give you a blanket if you’re cold, a pillow, there’s music in the background. I was just lying there taking a nap!

I think just being able to smile more and talk confidently is a life changer. I always used to cover my mouth when I ate and talked. Now I can’t even remember what it was like before I had my teeth done! Everyone sees the change, but the best part it is that people who aren’t even my friends notice that I look different. They don’t know what it is, they just know I look great.


In my profession, I work with children and adults. I teach them how to speak. We do a lot of oral motor work, often in front of a mirror, especially with the little children. Looking and speaking in the mirror all the time, I became very aware of my teeth and how important the appearance of my mouth is. I was really not happy with the way I looked at all. When I decided to have my teeth fixed, my son said, “Mom you have to go to this office; they’re amazing!” He had his teeth whitened there and loved it. I took his advice, met everybody, and absolutely fell in love with the office.

I had a lot of work to be done, a lot of reconstruction. My bite was all off, I had to have teeth removed, and my mouth was reconstructed with crowns and veneers. There were even a couple of five-hour sessions! But everyone was amazing and so supportive. They did a lot of hand-holding and answered every question I had. Even with those long sessions, there was absolutely no pain. I would consider him a healer of the mouth. He has been an angel in my life, he really has. I appreciate him and his office and everything he has done for me.

I used to stay behind the camera. I was always the one taking the pictures of my family – now, I’m in the pictures! That confidence is such a nice change for me. My self-consciousness is gone. I’m so happy with the way I look now.


I wasn’t very happy with the dentist I was with. I had a couple of veneers, and they were breaking all the time. I’d have to go get the veneers fixed because they weren’t staying on my teeth. I actually found Dr. Auster because I rented him the space he’s in right now. He was very personable and easy to get along with and talk to, so when I decided to find a new dentist, he was the first one I thought of. Dr. Auster impressed me a lot. It was like night and day compared to the other dentist I used to go to – the whole office, the techniques, the equipment, what he did, and most of all, the results were much, much better.

Everybody is really nice; I never had a complaint about anybody in there.The office is very professional, very high-tech and cutting-edge. Of course, they are up-to-date with the latest techniques. Everything that’s done there comes out great, and there is no pain. I’m never scared to go in – you know some people are scared to go to the dentist. I had no anxiety. He’s the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


I work as a co-host and a producer for a morning radio show in New York and before that I was a news reporter so I am in the public eye and my smile needs to be healthy. I'm not someone who always enjoyed going to the dentist. I was never a fan of it, but I like going now. I’m so glad we found Dr. Auster! My mom used to babysit Loretta Donovan’s kids – Loretta works for Dr. Auster. When my mom said, “I think we need to try this new dentist!” I agreed. Going to my dentist for so many years, and not loving it, I needed a change. After going to Dr. Auster once, I fell in love with him and his staff. Now, I would never go anywhere else! I feel like I am walking into a friend’s house. It’s very friendly, very comfortable. You walk in and immediately you’re at ease. Once I started going there, of course, my parents started going as well. Now even my sister, who lives down in Jersey City, goes to them too. We love the office and always recommend it to other people.

A couple of years ago, I had some issues with my back teeth as a result of the glue from my braces 20 years ago. I was nervous going into it because I’ve never had actual dental work done. Of course, I told them my concerns: It’s nice because, even as they’re working on you, they talk to you like a very good friend or one of your family members. They put me at ease and it was a very easy and painless experience.

I always get my cleanings every six months, religiously. I never missed one. I look forward to going, and I do my best to floss every day and brush my teeth – I want to make them proud!


I moved and had been going back and forth to Queens to use my original dentist. When I found out that he was retiring, I inquired of a few friends who lived in the area. Two of our friends were patients of Dr. Auster and recommended him. I made an appointment, and the rest is history.

I had a cap that was giving me problems. It was old, and it needed to be replaced. I needed to find a doctor who specialized in that sort of treatment, and I knew that Dr. Auster was not only dealing with general dental health but also cosmetic dentistry. It seemed like a logical choice to go to someone who specialized in both. Once we started work on my smile, we discussed what I needed to do to promote better dental health. I had older dental work that had decayed over the course of time but wasn’t evident until it was closely inspected. We decided to restore older dental work and replace some of the dental work that was no longer up-to-speed in terms of its stability.

Everything was always explained very well. I knew before we even started any procedure that they were quite detailed about what would be done, what would be expected of me, and what I needed to do going forward. I have to say that it’s been a very delightful experience. If you’re supposed to be taken in at a certain hour, you are taken in at that hour. They are completely respectful of your time.

I'm so much more comfortable now. I know – from a dental health perspective and an appearance perspective – that everything is better. I’m not necessarily in a role where I’m in the public facing, I'm usually behind the scenes but in the rare instances where I have public speeches it certainly helps in my confidence.


When I was a senior in high school, I got hit with a lacrosse stick and it damaged my front tooth. I had to get a root canal and cosmetic dentistry work. When it happened, my mom was very very upset. She knew I needed to go to somebody who knew what they were doing, and Dr. Auster was it. As I got older, I realized how much of an effect damaged teeth could have had on me. Other than that I never thought twice about having cosmetic work – it felt like my real teeth! Dr. Auster’s work actually lasted me 20 years. Finally, this year, when I turned 40, I needed it redone. This time, I had whitening before I had my cosmetic dentistry and I saw a huge difference.

Everyone here is friendly, kind, nice, and patient. Having surgery on your mouth is never an easy thing but they always make you feel very comfortable and they give you an idea of what will happen next. If you want to listen to music, or watch TV to keep your mind off the procedure, you can. In fact, before you even get in the chair, they start making sure you are comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Auster again and again. In fact, I’m going to send my husband to him. He likes coffee and my four year old recently said, “Hey daddy your teeth are getting yellow.” He has beautiful teeth but he needs the whitening done.


As an international banker working in NYC my entire career, I have done a lot of traveling. It has not only kept me really busy, but I have also seen the good the bad and the ugly of the world. Around 1999, I made a decision to stop only working and look after myself as well. I had always wanted to have a better smile. Everyone told me I had a beautiful smile, but my teeth were irregular – my side tooth was longer than the rest, and that made me self-conscious. I asked myself, “Is that the best I can be?” The answer was NO!

I went to Dr. Auster and Dr. Tang for a consultation. They made me feel, for the first time in my life, that I was not at a dentist’s office, but rather, they made me feel so relaxed and welcome. It was the kind of conversation I would have with my friends – and it has been the same ever since! I travel and move a lot for my job, and I always say, “As long as don’t have to give up my dentist I'm fine.” One job wanted me to relocate to Florida. I made a list of the pros and cons, and part of my list of a con was – what about Dr. Auster? I can’t give up my dentist!

About three years ago, I was having pain in one tooth for the first time. Dr. Auster was very concerned. The x-ray showed that I was having lots of bone loss in just one spot. So I had my tooth extracted, and Dr. Auster said, “This is very unusual. Normally, you get loss of bone in a horizontal manner, not just in one location or one pocket. Let’s look into this.” He performed a full analysis of my bite, replicating my whole bite both on the top and bottom, and it turned out the problem was that my bottom teeth were moving at night because of stress. I was clenching, pressing too hard in certain spots and that what was causing the bone loss. That was the beginning of a long journey that corrected both my top and bottom teeth, and, thank God, to this day it has been perfect.

My schedule is all over the place, and I work in the city, but they are so accommodating. I have never had a problem. They always work around my crazy schedule. Plus, I’ve never had any anxiety or concern ever; I have total trust and confidence in Dr. Auster and everything he has recommended. I have always said that he is a perfectionist. He won’t stop until the best option is pursued. Even when I think something is fine, for him, it has to be perfect.

Now, people I had known from before I had my work done ask, “What have you done to yourself? You don’t look a day older... and you look better and better everytime we see you!” You can only do the best you can with what you have, but with a good dentist… you don’t look like you’ve aged!

My experience has been fabulous. Every time I talk about my dentist, I say that I’ve found Dr. Auster. I was afraid to go to the dentist, and now I fall asleep while I’m there. That’s proof of how relaxed I am and how much I trust them.


I grew up in a third-world country and it kind of took a toll on my teeth. They were worn down and kind of discolored. The enamel was pretty weak and poor. We moved here to Rockland County when I was seven years old. When I started working, I wanted to have my teeth repaired by someone who could help me reach my goal of having a brighter smile. That’s how I met Dr. Tang.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Tang. She explained everything, and every interaction was very pleasant. That’s why I keep going there. Even when I moved into Manhattan, I commute just to see Dr Tang for my appointments. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

After the last veneer appointment, when I looked in the mirror, I was like “Wow, it’s been long years waiting!” I just stood up, thanked Dr. Tang for everything and gave her a big hug.

Everyone says there is something different about me just because I’m smiling more and I'm a little bit more outgoing. I’m not afraid to approach people to say hello because now I'm confident in my smile. All my friends and colleagues ask, "Your teeth look amazing, what did you do to get them that way?". I don’t want to give away my secret so I reply, "Oh, I just got them whitened."


When I was 21 or 22 years old, many moons ago, I was watching a video of us in Cancun (I have a twin sister) and I noticed that my teeth were no longer straight. I had worn braces when I was in seventh and eighth grade, and obviously, I didn’t leave them on long enough. As a vain 22-year-old, I wanted straight teeth immediately. My mom found an article on Dr. Auster’s office, probably in the Rockland or Pearl River Our Town, ripped it out for me, and I made an appointment for a consultation for veneers. Dr. Auster actually tried to talk me out of it. He said, “I don’t think you should do this. You’re 22 years old. You have beautiful teeth.” I just said, “That’s great, but please do it”! I was waitressing at the time. I had the money. I didn’t have any other expenses, and I wanted to do it, so I did it.

It was a lengthy process; I probably spent all day there. He was very sympathetic with me sitting there, and the novocain shots, and the gas … it was hours and hours … for him as well, but he was great. He really cares, and his work is top-notch. I know he’s awarded and all of this, and he’s one of the top-ranked dentists. I believe in this, and it’s really his craft. He’s a true artist at it. He really knows what he’s doing.

Those veneers lasted for about 13 or 14 years. During that time, he became my primary dentist. I switched from my childhood dentist and went to him. About two years ago, I decided it was time to have the veneers redone. It was even better this time because I think he has upgraded his technology. I love my teeth! It definitely affects my confidence. I smile more – I smile all of the time. I’m told it’s one of my best features, and I have a bright smile, so yeah, I use it all of the time.

Sometimes I see people who don’t or can’t smile and my heart goes out to them. I know that their life can change in just an office visit or two. Some people don’t know what’s possible, and I think, “If you did this one little thing, your face would completely change.”

I still see Dr. Auster now for regular cleanings, even though I live in Manhattan. I drive the hour and change to go see him. And I will not be switching until they shut down or retire. There is a sense of customer service, and a sense of family, and a sense of care, and a sense of … almost intimacy when you walk in there. Everyone knows my name. I actually look forward to going to his office. I just love everything about the entire staff – they’re fabulous.


I was getting jaw pain, but also my teeth were yellowed and a little crooked. I had braces when I was a kid, but I really didn’t want braces at this age. I am an attorney at an international firm, so braces just wouldn’t look professional. I had heard about Dr. Auster and had seen his work, so I went to him to seek advice about what to do.

I was getting my picture taken for my firm’s website, and I realized I needed to get the work done for these pictures. First, we had to remove my wisdom teeth and, though I was reluctant to have the surgery, I’m glad I did. Dr. Auster explained everything so I knew exactly what to expect each step of the way. It’s a 45-minute drive to Dr. Auster from Manhattan, but it is definitely worth it.


A close friend referred me to Cosmetic Dentistry a few years ago when my dentist moved his practice out of town. It was only when one of my molars had cracked from my constant clenching and grinding that Dr. Tang told me she really did not want to start doing any major work on my teeth until I had consulted with Dr. Auster. I knew my teeth were a mess. I had a patchwork of old crowns, laminates and bonding going back more than thirty years. What I didn’t know was that my bite could be reconstructed and I could be free from clenching, grinding and awful migraines. Dr. Auster really changed my life. I can now smile with confidence. I frequently receive compliments for having beautiful white teeth. Best of all, I am free of migraines, TMJ and perpetual clenching and grinding. I feel like a new person. Going to the dentist is not a chore. Everyone at the office treats me like family and always makes me feel welcome and that my needs come first. Dr. Auster is a perfectionist, but he is also a really nice guy. Wow, a skilled dentist who also has a fantastic “chair side” manner, putting me right at ease. Thanks to everyone at Cosmetic Dentistry for being there for me!


I have happily entrusted Dr. Auster and his capable staff with the care of my teeth and that of my wife and three daughters for over thirty years. Dr. Auster had been overseeing a bite issue with which he was concerned and which caused me to be grinding my teeth down. He could see that the problem was getting worse over time. Dr. Auster recommended that I correct the situation before even more serious problems developed. He was very patient with me, taking the time to explain the course of action which would correct my bite. So at the age of 70, I finally decided to become a teenager again, get braces to create an overbite and have Dr. Auster save my teeth .Which he did! A big bonus from the whole procedure is that I can now smile with confidence and people smile back at me. Thank you Dr. Auster!


I have been a patient of Cosmetic Dentistry Associates for approximately 45 years. With Cosmetic Dentistry Associates it was always a family atmosphere; with utmost perfection in the act of dentistry. When Dr. Auster joined the staff, he may have been “the new kid on the block” but before I knew it I was feeling totally the same about him. He has created “Cosmetic Dentistry” beyond your wildest imagination. He has brought beautiful smiled to so many faces, and making it look ever so simple to do!

During my lifetime I was always aware of how awkward it was to smile since my upper and lower teeth were so crooked it was very embarrassing! It became time to finally treat myself to a “great smile”. I put myself in the hands of Dr. Auster and Dr. Tang and must say that every visit was a pleasant one. I was treated with professionalism and perfection at its best. Their kindness and skill will never be forgotten. Dr. Auster, your Frank Sinatra tapes were great during your many hours of hard work and always your cheery personality was a plus! Donating your time to less fortunate people is by far an example of your fine character. Dr. Tang, your impeccable, crisp look and gentle way in the treatment of my lower teeth is not forgotten!

And the incredible assistants, you all actually made it fun!! Also the office staff, always obliging me in a sweet way with any changes in appointments and making sure the coffee machine was always working! How amazing you all are!!! I am proud to say the compliments I’ve had in my appearance are never ending. I am feeling so good about myself!

Thank you, Dr. Auster, Dr. Tang and staff I will forever be appreciative of your hard work and kind ways.


My experience with Cosmetic Dentistry is one I won't forget for a very long time, inasmuch as it was one of the most pleasant medical procedures I have endured.  From the time I was introduced to Dr. Frances Tang, her assistants and staff, I met with professionalism, kindness, pleasantries and comfort.  Dr. Tang was able to diagnose my dental problems and lay out a treatment plan, which included mini implants that resulted in complete mouth rehabilitation.  Over the months, the staff became my medical family, and I knew no dread when "going to the dentist".  The overall results were so satisfying to me and the compliments I receive are daily.  I smile more,and don't hide from the camera.  Thank you Dr. Tang, Loretta, Diana, Nora, Denise and all who made me proud to recommend Cosmetic Dentistry to my family and friends.  You know, I kind of miss all of them now that my appointments have ended.

Eileen ~ Sales Manager

I have been going to Cosmetic Dentistry Associates since I was a child. My family, my parents, my siblings, my husband, my children all come here. I am so comfortable here and I trust them for everything. When I was in school in Florida and working in Georgia, I flew back every six months for my appointments. I will never go to another dentist – Dr. Auster is never allowed to retire!

I just love going to the dentist – nobody loves going to the dentist more than I do!  It has always been very comfortable and warm, like going home. People I have referred tell me they feel like they are at home on their very first visit. The office is wonderful and everyone that works there is awesome. They are very gentle, personal and caring. When I call with an emergency, they always make time for me.

Dr. Auster is brilliant. Whatever you ask him, he has the right answer. He says, “It is up to you.” But I know that whatever he thinks, that is the right answer.  He always involves me in my dental health. He is the best. I recommend him to everybody.


Thank you for such a beautiful smile in a limited amount of time. You have given me the highest level of service that I have ever experienced in dentistry.

Dr. Auster was able to significantly decrease, if not eliminate, my lifelong migraines. I feel much better now and without pain medication! My experience has been comforting and satisfying. The staff is incredibly professional but they feel like longtime friends. Thank you for such a beautiful smile!

Geralyn ~ Office Administration

I have been coming to Cosmetic Dentistry Associates for fourteen years if not longer. It is a wonderful, wonderful office. Dr. Auster took a great interest in me, my teeth and my dilemma – I had been sick as a child and given Tetracycline and my teeth were grey. I never smiled. I didn’t think I was pretty. I run the front desk in a pediatrician’s office, so I work face-to-face with people all the time. Because of this, the appearance of my smile is really important.

When I was 20, my goal was to have white teeth. So I went to a dentist for veneers and they lasted about eight to ten years. As time went on, I needed something else done. Dr. Auster and I spoke and we came up with a plan of action. He was persistent in finding something that would work for me. We decided on veneers and they are beautiful and so natural, it even took a while for my parents to notice them! The staff is caring, superb, thorough, sincere and honest. What a wonderful office!  I really love them. In fact, I carry their cards and hand them out all over the place. I tell people, “You have to go!” When my boys come home from college they will be going to Dr. Auster for their dentistry too.


Dr. Auster and everyone at Cosmetic Dentistry are amazing! I had an unfortunate accident where I needed emergency dental work and Dr. Auster came to the rescue. He is patient, hardworking and an unbelievable perfectionist! Everyone at the office is kind, funny and willing to go the extra mile to help! I had such a positive and enjoyable experience at Cosmetic Dentistry...I couldn't be happier!

Allison's Family Testimonial

Rebecca's Testimonial


My decision to work with Dr. Auster has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After much research and contemplation, my decision became clear within my initial visit. Dr. Auster, Dr. Tang and staff are true professionals. Over the years, I have visited several dentist offices but I have never felt as welcomed as I did at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates.  The staff is wonderful and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you and make you feel right at home. Ever since the first visit I felt confident and comfortable with Dr. Auster. Right then and there I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Auster and Dr. Tang are not only knowledgeable professionals but they are very compassionate as well. Thanks to Dr. Auster, Dr. Tang and the team at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, I can now smile with confidence!


Before coming to this office, I used to be extremely fearful going to the dentist. After experiencing CDA, I am no longer fearful. You're not seeing a different person each time; You see the same people every visit. It's fantastic; like going to see family! The work that Dr. Auster has done on my teeth has brought back my smile. He had quite a challenge & he took it on with beautiful results. It is evident that he loves what he does and cares about his patients. My son now goes there, too, and is perfectly comfortable there. I will never go anywhere else for my care.


Over the years, I have struggled with my smile due to overbearing veneers that did not fit my face. I came to Cosmetic Dentistry to find out more about the possibilities of changing my smile and it changed my life. Dr. Auster and his staff were finally able to give me the smile that I dreamed of having for all these years.

I have never been someone who enjoys going to the dentist but the experience and service that I have received at Cosmetic Dentistry is unlike any I have had before.The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and it is a pleasure going in for appointments. Every time I am there, I feel like I am their top priority and not just another patient.There are no long hours wasted in a waiting room and the staff is very attentive to each of their patient's needs.I went in looking for help with my veneers two years ago, but have continued to see Dr. Auster ever since.Now I cannot imagine going anywhere else!


I never thought I would ever love going to the dentist...until I met Dr. Tang and the staff. I first contacted the office about 4 years ago, because my twenty-plus year old laminates were falling apart and I desperately needed a smile make-over. What I got was a perfect smile with no more sensitivity in my teeth. What I also got is a newfound appreciation for my own dental hygiene. Everyone at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates is so wonderful, that I don't ever want to disappoint them by not taking meticulous care of my teeth and gums. Now that is what I call AMAZING!

Renee  - Retired Executive

I knew for some time that I needed serious cosmetic dental work , but kept putting it off.  My top front teeth had old laminates and the bottom teeth were in danger of breaking as I had worn away the enamel due to night time grinding.    My son was a patient of Dr. Tang, who did a phenomenal job restoring his teeth, so I made an appointment.

At that first visit to Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, I was so impressed with the ambiance and cleanliness, the state of the art equipment, and the friendliness of the staff, as I was shown around the office.   When I met Dr. Tang, I was even more impressed, and immediately put at ease.  My examination was thorough, and she explained the options to correct my teeth.   The visit was not rushed and I was able to make a decision on how to proceed.  I loved the fact that all of the prep work was done on the same day, rather than dragged out over several visits.   Eight teeth were “made over” giving me a brilliant new smile.  A night guard was added to help with the grinding.

Dr. Tang is an exceptional woman and dentist.  I have always disliked going to the dentist.  Now I feel a dental appointment is an opportunity to visit with friends.

Chris and Mike

Doctors Auster and Tang employ the latest technology and techniques to correct your dental issues and explain exactly what course of treatment they deem necessary, as well as alternatives. Working with them is akin to working with an architect. Having to lose a tooth is a traumatic experience, as is being told you will require surgery at the same time. Dr. Auster and Dr. Tang jointly eased my anxiety about the process while explaining that an implant was necessary. Dr. Tang deployed an iPad to show me a video which demonstrated what would take place during the process. Similarly, while explaining options concerning the various crowns that are available, Dr. Auster provided me with a hard cover biography of the craftsman (I use the term craftsman as this is an artist, not an ordinary technician) who creates the porcelain crowns. The book detailed how each individual tooth is crafted from a porcelain powder and hand-sculpted to look identical to the tooth that it replaced. After deciding on a course of treatment, numerous calibrations were made to ensure that the teeth would be absolutely perfect. The experience was like having custom kitchen cabinets made, with you getting to pick out the wood. The color and fit of the porcelain crowns I received look as real as my original teeth. When people comment on how lucky I am to have great looking teeth, and I tell them that what they are looking at are crowns, I often receive a "no way"! Additionally, the office is high-tech, you always get great tunes from Dr. Auster's playlist, and one of the things I admire most is that Dr. Auster is a humanitarian who donates his time and skills to underprivileged people in the Caribbean who are in dire need of dental care. When you are in the company of good, caring people who go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, to ensure that you are informed, and who have a passion to make you look your best, you can't ask for a better dental experience!


I was thinking about having some cosmetic work done so I went to my orthodontist and he recommended Dr. Peter Auster. I decided not have the cosmetic work done right away but I liked Cosmetic Dentistry Associates so much I stayed and now I use them for all my dentistry. They are caring, up-to-date, professional, friendly, and punctual. Everybody in the office is easy to work with. It’s a beautiful office and very comfortable. Their preventative care is great and the hygiene has helped me so much. The practice is totally state-of-the-art, up-to-date on everything and Dr. Auster is a great person. I have not met anyone on the staff that was not just totally accommodating and very friendly. They get to know you as a person – you are not just a file folder when you go in. It’s nice to know that someone really cares.

About a year ago, I decided to finally have the cosmetic work done and I am so happy that I did. I had porcelain veneers done on my top teeth. The team made sure I was really comfortable so there was no pain and no discomfort. It was wonderful! My husband comes to the practice now, my kids come and I have recommended him to lots of friends.

Luciana ~ Speech Therapist

My childhood memories of going to the dentist are of being strapped down and having my head held firmly in place while procedures where being done. Despite the unexpected pain that would occur during each session, I was told, "to stop being a baby." It was a horrifying experience and I have had dental anxiety ever since. These exact words were once said to one of my children, so I took him out of the chair and never returned.

I came to Cosmetic Dentistry Associates through my husband. I have high anxiety in the dentist's chair and it was becoming a major problem for me with other dentists that did not understand or seem to care. One day, my husband saw Dr. Tang rather than Dr. Auster and came home very excited to introduce me to her. She takes into consideration my high anxiety and fears and explains gently, everything in the procedure as it is occurring. She is gentle, caring, understanding and so knowledgeable and precise in her profession. I have no worries while in her chair or with the assistants that work closely with her.

I tend to clench my teeth, so I must wear a mouth guard while doing certain activities and while sleeping. Having a number of uncomfortable mouth guards that I never wore from other dentists, she gave it thought and devised a mouth guard so comfortable I wear it all the time.

Once while on vacation, I had a dental emergency that required immediate attention. Very frightened to see anyone other than her, I called her immediately and she calmly talked me through the emergency and left me with all her numbers if I needed her through the night. Trusting only Dr. Tang, I left my vacation and returned home on the first flight in the morning. Immediately upon my arrival, Dr. Tang met me at the office for this emergency during her off hours.

From my heart, I can honestly say, with no reservation, that I would highly recommend Dr. Tang and everyone associated with this practice, to anyone looking for the best care while in a dental chair. I am so grateful and thankful after each visit for their genuine kindness and patience. I just love them.

Eddie ~ Real Estate Broker

Cosmetic Dentistry Associates changed my life. Self-esteem is pivotal for me. How do you put a value on it? To get your self-esteem back and feel good about yourself is like having a new you.

I had a problem with my tooth and I always wanted some cosmetic work done to have it repaired. In my profession, I am often in the public eye, and I work closely face-to-face with high profile affluent individuals. A friend of mine had her teeth done by Dr. Auster. She referred me and I was comfortable from the minute I walked in. I am not a big fan of needles. However, I don’t think I ever felt one injection from Dr. Tang.

I had veneers placed on the front and now that my smile has been fixed, I certainly smile more. I don’t cover my smile with my hand – to be honest, I am learning how to smile! To not be self-conscious or concerned about my smile is life changing! After everything, she has done for me, I will continue to go to her for as long as she is in practice. Just look at my outcome – who could question the quality of her work? Dr. Tang did a phenomenal job, the office is super-friendly – everybody here is just fantastic. I guess you might say they are changing lives one tooth at a time.

Joyce ~ Retired ~ Registered Nurse

I grew up in the West Indies, where, instead of treatment, we had extractions. Even for simple decay, one would have an extraction instead of a filling. Not surprising, I have had a fear about even the idea of dentistry. Because of my dental history, I had my four front teeth removed with only a small amount of numbing. Very little pain was felt.

In contrast, I never feel afraid with Dr. Auster. He makes sure you have everything to make you comfortable. I have even fallen asleep in the chair! Because of my background as a nurse, I have always questioned and challenged Dr. Auster and each time he answers carefully and offers alternatives.

The dental team is great. Coming for a dental visit is like going home. You are greeted as an individual. You always feel very warm and are treated as if you are the only one there. All of my children came to Dr. Auster from the time they were babies – my daughter even brings her children to him now! I can’t say it enough: The comfort level, the expertise, the relaxation, the time you are allowed, are all reasons to go to Dr. Auster and stay with Dr. Auster.

Brian ~ Real Estate Developer

I was seeing another dentist but I didn’t feel confident with him. I saw Dr. Peter Auster’s ad in the River Town Magazine and it caught my eye. I wanted to get a second opinion and I really liked Dr. Auster. I trusted him from the moment I met him.

I have been in the dentist’s chair a lot over the course of my life. I had braces when I was younger and they did a very bad job – pulled four of my teeth – then my bite was off.  My teeth were dull, the color was bad, I had caps on many of my teeth and they were failing. Now, thanks to Dr. Auster, my teeth are more consistent and I am more comfortable. I feel more confident and my teeth look natural.

The team is wonderful and they make you feel right at home. I have recommended them to several people. In fact, I brought my wife here. Though I see Dr. Auster, I knew that Dr. Tang would be the dentist for her. My wife has such high anxiety and Dr. Tang makes her feel calmer than any other dentist.

Ronni ~ Opera Singer

I came to Dr. Auster because I had a lot of problems with my teeth. I had a gap in the front, discoloration and some ridges and indentations. I didn’t like the way I looked when I smiled. It seemed that no matter how much I cleaned and brushed my teeth, they didn’t look nice. I came from another dentist that I thought was just tremendous but I was surprised at how modern the office was at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates, especially the digital imaging that allows me to see every small detail of every tooth in my mouth. Dr. Auster has all the latest technology, a great personality and best of all, my procedures never hurt. There is no pain. I came to him for cosmetic dentistry but I was so impressed that I have all my dentistry done there now.

I am a classical singer and my smile is very important to me. I am also a voice teacher and my smile helps me connect with my students. I smile bigger, I am less self conscious and I feel much more confident. He is just the best. I can’t say enough good things about him.


I was never happy with my smile. My teeth were ok but not the way I wanted them. Loretta, the hygienist knew this and she asked me why I didn’t talk to Dr. Auster about veneers. When I finally did, he told me all about the procedure, and the next thing I knew, I was getting fitted for veneers!

Everything went very smoothly and I am more than satisfied. The team is first class. If you really want a first-rate, professional job done, this is the place to go. They are very caring and the level of customer service is excellent.

Lynda ~ Teacher

I work in education developing curriculum and modeling best practices in the field of education for teachers. I have been a patient at Cosmetic Dental Associates for a long time – over thirty years – and have had a lot of work done on my teeth and gums. Most people have a fear of the dentist. I don’t because I have always had a great experience here. Through the years the thing that has impressed me the most is that they are always updating their practice with everything that is new and current in the field of dentistry. They attend to workshops and conferences and really bring back techniques that are very cutting-edge.

When I met Dr. Auster, he very gently guided me toward taking better care of my teeth. My gums were not healthy and my caps were getting yellow – something I had not even realized. Once my smile was finished, my teeth and gums looked amazing. I had so many questions, so many fears but they held my hand. They showed me models of teeth and showed me many pictures. They took a great amount of time with me every step of the way in the process. They did everything to help me get as healthy as possible. Now I look at people who are my age, or younger – I look at their teeth – and I think, “Thank God I have had this done!”

I tell people that if there is anything you want to change about yourself, your teeth are very important. You may not be a typically beautiful person but if you have a beautiful smile, it makes people notice. They notice you because of your smile!

Kimberly ~ Teacher

When I was twelve, I had a big space between my teeth – twelve-year-old girls with a space between their teeth look pretty awkward. It was wide enough that I could put a straw between my teeth to take a drink! I had the bonding done and it was such a transformation, but over time it turned yellow. I had to have it redone for my wedding and as time passed the bonding started getting yellow again. I became very self-conscious about the way I looked. I started to have a tendency to not smile and sometimes, I talked covering my mouth a little bit.

My sister introduced me to Cosmetic Dentistry Associates by introducing me to Dr. Tang. After a consultation, I was completely on board with having my teeth touched up with veneers. It has been a great experience. I was extremely comfortable during the entire procedure. They talked me through everything. Dr. Tang shows you what you will look like, provides a blanket, and asks if you want to watch something on television. She is also extremely meticulous and she scrutinized every detail of the procedure to make sure that my teeth would be absolutely beautiful, perfect and natural. She definitely goes the extra mile for her patients, and the whole team is extremely professional. They were wonderful. Over time I started bringing my children, and now almost the whole family goes!  My sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, my in-laws all love Dr. Tang. I would recommend her to anybody. People tell me what perfect teeth I have now. It has really changed my life.

Kai ~ Medical Student

My mom works at Cosmetic Dentistry Associates and has been there most of her dental assisting career, so I have been coming here since I was a child. I feel as if I have been welcomed as a family member. They are very friendly, the doctors are very humorous, and it is just a very good-natured atmosphere. I have gone for all my basic dentistry and I have also done at-home whitening.

My teeth were a mess and I had orthodontics to fix them.  Cosmetic Dentistry Associates really helped me through that process, monitoring my oral health. When the braces came off, they checked to make sure everything was straight and correct.

The office facilities are awesome – when they moved they really updated everything and I think that shows concern for the patient. Dr Auster is so skilled that I completely trust his judgment. I love him. I recommended that my girlfriend come here with me. Now we drive all the way from Philadelphia and it is absolutely worth it!

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