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May 4, 2018

Do Clear Aligners from Invisalign in Suffern Stain? Find Out!

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A woman removing her clear aligners.Whether you’re just starting Invisalign or you’re considering it, you’re probably wondering how your daily habits will be affected. Unlike traditional braces which dramatically affect your diet, Invisalign allows patients to remove their orthodontic devices every time they eat, drink, or brush. This benefit is very convenient for those who don’t want to change their diet, but still receive orthodontic treatment.

Of course, like all orthodontic hardware, patients need to know how to take proper care of them. Learn how to do so with Invisalign in Suffern today!


April 15, 2018

3 Reasons to Invest in Your Smile from a Cosmetic Dentist in New City

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A woman smiling at her dental visit.It’s surprising how much your quality of life can be affected when your smile isn’t in the best condition. Discoloration and other imperfections can make you feel self-conscious, while missing teeth can make basic tasks like chewing and even talking much more difficult. When you invest in your mouth, you have a second chance at improving multiple aspects about your life, cosmetic or otherwise.

According to your cosmetic dentist in New City, here are three reasons it’s worth it to invest in your smile.


April 8, 2018

Got Sleep Apnea? Get Sleep Apnea Treatment in Rockland County Today!

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A woman sleeping.If you were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, know that you’re not alone. Sleep apnea affects close to 18 million people in the U.S. every day. Because of chronic snoring and frequent waking in the middle of the night, it can be extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Of course, this is far from being a minor inconvenience. Sleep apnea can severely impact your daily routine in a negative way. Whether it’s at your day job or on your day off, it’s not only fatigue you’ll feel.

To learn more about sleep apnea treatment in Rockland County, keep reading.


March 11, 2018

An Oral Anatomy Lesson from Your Dentist in Rockland County

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_auster @ 8:13 pm

A woman thinking. The mouth, also known as the oral cavity, is made up of many moving and complex parts. In order to thoroughly examine and clean your mouth, your dentist in Rockland County had to spend many years studying, researching, and understanding how all these components work with one another and make the most basic tasks possible. Each area of your mouth has a special role to play, and without them, you would not be able to perform these tasks.

Today, we’ll be going through the basic anatomy of your oral cavity to help you understand why it’s so important to take good care of it. This list will include the tongue, lips, cheeks, bone, teeth, gums, and salivary glands.


March 5, 2018

How Your Dentist in Rockland County Finds More Than Dental Issues

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A dentist examining a patient’s mouth.Did you know that an overwhelming majority of diseases contain oral manifestations? In fact, according to recent research, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases, including heart disease, have markers that can be discovered in the mouth. This puts your dentist in Rockland County in a unique position to catch early signs of disease, even earlier than your general practitioner. Most people only see their doctor once a year, and many people see them even less often. However, your dentist recommends that you see him once every six months, putting you in a good position to catch disease before it’s too late.


February 12, 2018

Consider a Denture Alternative from Your Dentist in Rockland County

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_auster @ 10:06 pm

An older man thinking.Dentures can be a great cheap solution to missing teeth, but unfortunately, they don’t last for as long you’d hope. Even with proper maintenance, the average life span of a denture is about 5 years. During this lifespan they usually need to be relined as well to fit in your slowly changing gum tissue. According to your dentist in Rockland County, you don’t have to settle for the unreliable fitting of dentures any longer.

Instead, you can get implant-supported dentures or dental bridges! Not only will you have a sturdier alternative to traditional dentures, but you’ll receive the stimulation that your previous teeth provided. Keep reading to learn a few options your dentist offers.


February 6, 2018

Tired of Being Tired from Sleep Apnea in Pomona? Let’s Talk Treatment!

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_auster @ 7:23 pm

An awake man at night.Did you know that between 50 and 70 million Americans have a sleep or wakefulness disorder? About 12 to 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea alone, but it’s also common for many people to go undiagnosed. This is typically because it’s a very difficult condition to confirm, even though it’s the leading cause of excessive daytime drowsiness. What’s even worse is people who have sleep apnea are twice as likely of having a stroke, so it can be devasting for your overall health as well.

If you think you might have sleep apnea in Pomona, you’ll need to learn about the treatments your dentist offers to manage it properly and regain your night’s sleep.


January 15, 2018

Your Dentist Offers Tips to Help You Maintain a Gorgeous Smile

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_auster @ 9:14 pm

man flossing teethYour smile is one of the first things other people notice about you. It’s how you show that you’re warm, friendly, approachable, and ready to mingle. It’s one of your best assets, and it’s important that you protect it. Exactly how can you keep it looking and feeling amazing? Your dentist near Suffern is here to offer a few simple tips.


January 6, 2018

Hey Dentist, Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive to Hot and Cold?

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woman with sensitive teethEveryone loves to have a delicious bowl of ice cream or a comforting cup of piping hot tea once in a while, but what if you can no longer enjoy these little delights because they make your teeth hurt? Tooth sensitivity is a common issue, but many people still don’t understand why it happens. Your dentist in Pomona is here to explain the reason behind your mouth’s aversion to hot and cold foods and drinks.


December 20, 2017

Can You Inherit Cavities? Your Dentist in Suffern Answers

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_auster @ 4:09 pm

portrait of a happy familyYou have your ancestors to thank for a lot — everything from the way you laugh to what makes you do it (i.e. your sense of humor). Yes, a lot is written in our genes, and that includes oral health. Did you know that you really can be cavity prone? Or that if your father had gum disease, you are more likely to deal with it, too? Your dentist in Suffern knows that genetic history has a lot to do with the picture of your oral health. Keep reading to learn the details, and how you can take control with preventive care to enjoy cleaner, healthier teeth and gums for a lifetime to come.


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